Deep Rock Galactic - Mods and Modding

This is the page for Deep Rock Galactic. Here you can find mods for the game made by others and also upload mods yourself.

Discord for all things DRG Modding. Tools, tutorials, gameplay, audio, visual and various other mods.

Deep Rock Galactic - Featured Modders

Deep Rock Galactic - Essential Mods

Mod Hub by GoldBl4d3

A centralized hub for modding user interfaces.

Twitch Integration by GoldBl4d3

An amazing mod that allows your Twitch chat to interact with your game similar to the old official Mixer integration but with a ridiculous amount of customization. (Requires Mod Hub)

Spawn Menu by GoldBl4d3

A tool to spawn most enemies and objects in the game. Great for custom challenges, filming videos or just to goof around. (Requires Mod Hub)

Swarm Control - Increased Enemies (1.5x, 1.75x, 2x - 10x) by NaturalBornCamper

A mod that allows you to increase the amount of enemies in .25x increments from 1.25x all the way to 10x in any hazard level including the incremental hazard levels in Deep Dives and Elite Deep Dives. Allows many customization and sliders for various other enemy spawns. Includes enemy cap customization. Provides a real fun challenge but can be tough to stay stocked up on ammo.

Miracle Mod Manager by Miracoulon

A mod manager for mods created by Miracoulon.

DRGLib by samamstar

A collection of functions to help avoid rewriting basic functionality all the time for your mods.

Deep Rock Galactic - Visual Mods

Miracle's Magnificent M.U.L.E.s by Miracoulon

Allows you to change the materials of the M.U.L.E. Adds a new terminal near the equipment customization terminal. (Requires Miracle Mod Manager)

Cosmetic Restriction Remover by BongoSkaggs & AzuPomu

Removes the flags that prevent the game from allowing the player to apply the default weapon framework & armor paintjobs to other frameworks within that class and also allows all pickaxe parts to be used in both blade slots.

Deep Rock Galactic - Quality of Life Mods

60 Nitra Resupplies by NaturalBornCamper

For use with Swarm Control - Increased Enemies when increasing the difficulty of the game.

Hollow Bough Destructibles by mino

Lets you destroy dry thorn tumble and bough cone on Hollow Bough biome.

Increased Pickup Radius by mino and OurLordAndSaviorGabe

Makes the pickup radius for the oil extractor and gunk seeds the same as other objects.

Larger Pipeline Repair Hitbox by NaturalBornCamper

Increases the hitbox size in which you can build and repair pipes in refinery missions, so you don't have to be pixel-precise.

Deep Rock Galactic - Sound Mods

Doretta Shut Up by mino

Silences Doretta completely not just on damage but especially when someone can't stop petting it or when you constantly throw her head on the way back.

Silent Jukebox by mino

Silences all music from the jukebox.

No Mission Control Ducking by DrTurtle

By default, mission control ducks (reduces volume) all other audio and this mod removes the ducking effect.

No Tinnitus by [NULL]2

Removes the high-pitched ringing sound effect that plays after an explosion, at mission start, when toggling your flashlight and when switching class.

Deep Rock Galactic - Other Mods

Better Spectator by AssemblyStorm & ArcticEcho

This mod replaces the game's spectator camera when you get downed, removing the fuzzy overlay and skipping the faceplant animation. It allows you to freely orbit and zoom in/out when spectating players. You can also optionally spectate Bosco, Molly, Doretta, and BET-C. (Requires BP Mod Manager)

Pettable Maggots by Miracoulon

Allows you to pet maggots.

More Players In-Game mod by OurLordAndSaviorGabe

Allows up to 999 players to join a multiplayer lobby with a default cap of 16 players.

Deep Rock Galactic - Graphics Mods

Advanced Darkness by AssemblyStorm & ArcticEcho

Adds options for controlling fog and lights. Great for screenshots or to make the environment moodier. (Requires BP Mod Manager)

Better Post Processing by AssemblyStorm & ArcticEcho

Adds options for controlling supersampling, ambient occlusion, bloom, lens flare, lens dirt, vignette, and film grain. You'll need to set your in-game graphics settings for postprocesing to high/ultra for all the effects to be enabled/controllable. Great for screenshots. (Requires BP Mod Manager)